• Roads and Highways

    Consulting and assistance for the management of roads and highways construction projects, throughout the country and abroad.

    Public works of great importance and strategic relevance, be they under procurement regime, obtained by concessions or through project financing.

  • Large Scale Public Works

    Administrative and legal assistance at all stages of the process, from dealing with procurement procedures to the ultimate testing phase.

    The multidisciplinary nature of our know-how allows us to deal with all the topics pertaining to juridical and administrative matters effectively and with appreciable results.

  • Railroads

    Legal advisory on complex railway construction programs.

    From high speed, high capacity networks — a sector that STRATA assessed for over two decades — to the intricate infrastructures of railway nodes and stations.

  • Assistance to Businesses

    Specialised support to companies during their interaction with the Public Administration.

    To manage change, the new role of the European Union, the rise of competition, administrative decentralisation and the new ways of handling the public sector.

Strata SpA

Global Legal Advisor

STRATA is a consulting firm providing legal and administrative support as well as guidance pertaining to corporate training and business organisation. Our company counsels clients in Europe and abroad, acting as an advisor for the promotion and realisation of their investments. The extreme specialisation of our staff, the wide array of our competences and the multiple sectors of our operating structure allow us to assist our clients throughout every phase of their projects, from planning to the ultimate testing.


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